Some of these Websites may be useful for your search:

Family Research in Austria

An overview of available Government resources in Austria to help with your research.

Ahnenforschung Netforum

Register to get help for your research from other members. (Free)

Genteam Forum

Register and get access to a database of more than 8 million entries. (Free)


Free to join - grow your family tree on-line and share your information with the world. You may also find matches with your own family.


A collection of links relating to Genealogy in Austria

Cindi's List

A comprehensive, categorized & cross-referenced list of links that point you to genealogical research sites online

Genetische Hilfen

A collection of lists covering old German expressions, Illnesses, translations and more.

Zeno Bibliothek

A comprehensive catalogue of German words and expressions.

Top Ten Reviews

A collection of articles reviewing Genealogy Software.

Google Translate

Translate your findings from German into English.
Caution: Some translations may come out literal and nonsensical.

A subscription based service which provides access to databases with a strong focus on USA and UK. Much of the information has been provided by subscribers.